Who do you think you are…?

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Is the subconscious both a receiver and transmitter…? …there is an experiment being undertaken. It spans the world and we are all passive participants in the process… The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is a collaboration experiment supported by a team of researchers. The general hypothesis of the project is; Periods of collective attention or emotion in widely distributed populations will … Read More

Does your Marketing work…?

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Marketing Image

“My Marketing team are sucking the life out of me – and the cash out of my bank account too…” A simple answer to the question “how’s your Marketing working…?” during a recent conversation… I see so many Marketing campaigns costing lots of time, energy and money that just create a lot of heat, but not a lot of light… … Read More

The Magic of not Settling for Average…

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newspaper ad

Average is just another word for Mediocre… Back in the last Millennium, when we had Fax machines and Yellow Pages directories… We ran a successful Recruitment Agency – we had formed the agency to supply our Logistics company with drivers, warehouse staff and administrators… As we built our reputation for being a bit different, we started to get enquiries from … Read More

Training doesn’t work in my business

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Results Rules OK Training

What if we Train people and they leave…? …what if you don’t train them and they stay… Between 11th October 1899 and the 31st May 1902, the British army was engaged in what became known as the Second Boer war in southern Africa… Whilst British forces, supported by Australia, New Zealand and Canada, finally overcome the Boers – they learned … Read More

The case of the disappearing stock…

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Warehouse stocktake image

Walking through the factory, being guided by the Operations Manager, I asked to see the stock sheet… “What, the raw material stock…?” No – the Work in Progress Stock… He looked a little feint and started shuffling his feet, looking for the exit… In manufacturing, accounting and any business that has activity that has attracted costs but has not yet … Read More