Scale Up Coaching

Scale Up Coaching Program

At the highest level, this program is designed for executive leadership, emphasizing advanced strategies, leadership skills, and organizational excellence
What does it cost…?
 £1297.00 + vat / month
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Coaching Calls

1 to 1 weekly coaching call with your coach via Teams or Zoom. Up to 44 one to one coaching sessions per year.

Experience rapid growth with weekly coaching sessions, ensuring continuous support, accountability, and timely adjustments

Weekly videos and content

Each week David will sending out a quick update, video and content to get your week off to a great start and giving you some ideas and inspiration too.

Everything you need to keep you on track to grow your business.

90 day planning

Quarterly scheduled in person workshops reviewing the past 90 days and planning for the next 90 days.

Measuring your results alongside other business owners. Covering themes such as Sales, Team, Creativity... 50% discount rate


You complete your disc profile and you will explore your profile and how you show up professionally how to interact with other personality types both inside and outside your business and how to use Disc with your team and customers.


Looking at where your business currently is and how to scale it for the future.

Public workshop

In person workshops covering themes such as Sales, Team, Creativity, Presentation skills, Negotiations skills ...

Email support

In between your coaching calls if you have any questions we will be happy to help via email

Quarterly online workshop

Four times a year we will run online workshops coving topics such as, Sales, Marketing, Negotiating and many more to help you build your business.

Well Dave – we’ve done it…!!
Below email is what I sent to the staff – it’s the 46% bit that takes my breath…!

"Thanks for all your help and support… Guys - It’s true, it’s time to celebrate, we have, for the first time ever broken through the £1’000’000 turnover in one-month barrier!!!
In May we have invoiced £1,011,933.42…!! Yahooooooo…!
Well done, this is yours and your team’s effort, take a minute to congratulate your colleagues and take a pat on the back….
This makes us approximately 46% up YTD on this time last year – that is phenomenal…!!!
Well done, thank you, you are the best team in the world…! "

Onward and upward…
Dan Gilmore UK

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