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David’s family, originally Irish Potato Merchants, established a successful business in Alum Rock, Birmingham, with around 8 shops at its peak. Despite the closure in 1978 due to a new Hypermarket, David, who began working at age 5, later became a Weapons Engineer, Operations Manager, and trouble-shooter at various logistics and distribution sites around the UK. David was Head Hunted by one of the major airlines to run ramp services for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead as deputy CEO.

Alongside his wife Lynn, he entered the Transport, Logistics, and Recruitment sector. In 2002, they transitioned to a values-aligned coaching business, supporting like-minded entrepreneurs.

So what is our WHY…?

Simple, to enable family owned businesses to thrive and grow, so they don’t have to experience what I did – to enable everyone to enjoy learning, achieving, doing and being more; and to make sure that your business doesn’t get wiped out by the ‘Big Guys’ with all the financial stress and heartache that goes with it.
It is to fight with you as hard for your business as you do, and by introducing the best techniques and strategies available, to help it grow and flourish profitably…


Results Rules OK is on a mission to help businesses and professionals grow with personalized development programs and engaging training workshops.


Results Rules OK was created with a simple and clear vision;
To enable everyone to enjoy learning, achieving, doing and being more...



We work with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Managment Teams to enable them to achieve the results they desire in the timeframe they choose.

With offices in the UK and Luxembourg we offer a full range of Products, Services and Events to an International client base.

We are a growing, profitable and successful business, our growth is achieved by adding value through the design and delivery of the world's best knowledge based experiences, materials and resources to all of our customers regardless of their size and location, or the type of programs or products they buy from us.

We are a team of outstanding, professional and passionate people, who believe and trust in the Vision, Mission and Values of Results Rules OK.

David Holland is a down to earth coach who has had tremendous real world experience of all facets of business and in many different regions/cultures. David has a special gift of bringing together multiple parties in a business to achieve a common goal through planning and motivation.

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