Coaching programs to make your dreams reality...

We work with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Managment Teams to enable them to achieve the results they desire in the timeframe they choose.

What is Business Coaching

Business coaching is designed to enable you to build your business, have the lifestyle you want and have fun doing it…

At Results Rules OK, we’re not just about coaching—we’re your partners in the adventure! 

Business Coaching is a Programme of Goal Setting, Planning, Strategic and Tactical choices combined with Personal and Professional Development ; all designed to enable you to build your business, have the lifestyle you want and have fun doing it…

Let’s map out where you are, plot where you want to go, and ensure you’re cruising down the path to your goals. 


per month + vat
  • Monthly Call
  • Discounted 90 day planning
  • Disc
  • Weekly skills video
  • Email Support
  • Quarterly Online workshop
  • Alignment
  • Books
  • Discounted Public Workshops
  • In House Workshops


per month + vat
  • 44 calls / year
  • Free 90 day planning
  • 4 x Disc Profiles
  • Weekly Skills Video
  • Email Support
  • Quarterly Online workshop
  • Alignment
  • Books
  • Free Public Workshops
  • 2 half day In House workshops/year

“When I first engaged with David, my Company was turning over something like £2m, and hardly made a profit. My forecast for this year is £14m, and £2m profit. In short: working with a coach works…”

Rob H – IT Services
UK & Poland
Rob Helle

If you're not ready for 1 to 1 Coaching our New Group Coaching program is just for you...

Mastermind Club

Now you can be part of your own Mastermind Club..
Meeting for 90 mins, twice a month via ZOOM with a small group of likeminded Business Owners and Entrepreneurs…
Limited to just 10 participants per group, you’re guaranteed to be part of a special group…
What does it cost…?
Just £97.00 per person per month…!!
Plus VAT…
So if you’d like to be part of your own Mastermind Club get in touch…

Group Calls Via Zoom

Two monthly 90 minute group calls via Zoom. Themed calls for every area of your business. You'll get the Inspiration, Strategies and Accountability to grow your business.

Weekly videos and content

Each week David will be sending out a quick update, video and content to get your week off to a great start and giving you some ideas and inspiration too.

Team support and collaboration

You'll have the opportunity to exchange insights with fellow like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs, discussing successful strategies and acquiring fresh ideas to apply in your own business

Ongoing resources

Tools, Templates and eBooks. Everything you need to keep you on track to grow your business.

What is Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is designed to strengthen you effectiveness in your role, enhance your levels of opportunity readiness and develop your skill set.

First we will look at you’re key opportunities, objectives and time scales. Then using a mixture of proven coaching techniques that may include personality profiling, 360 degree reviews and a defined framework for progression we will work together to make your objectives a reality.

Hey David - we are definitely on the same wavelength. Only last night I said to my partner I need to contact David as he helped me secure my new job with his Van Halen story that I used in my interview! I’m the new CCO...

Caitriona– Banking
Caitriona testimonial
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