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Business coaching

Business Coaching

Business coaching is designed to enable you to build your business, have the lifestyle you want and have fun doing it…

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is designed to strengthen you effectiveness in your role, enhance your levels of opportunity readiness and develop your skill set…

David Holland Workshop

Training & Workshops

Elevate your team’s performance and foster a culture of excellence with our  workshops and  training programs…

Embark on an epic journey where coaching isn't just about growth.

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Our Happy Clients!

I engaged David as my business coach, who re-wired my way of approaching business challenges, over the next few months he encouraged, motivated and guided me to transform my business.
With his help I have been able to create a business that supports me and not me supporting it. 5 years on I own a profitable business that has a full staff of motivated and passionate employees with very little need for me to be there day to day.

Craig Smith
Craig Smith

CEO, Stealth, UK

What makes David Holland stand out in the world of business coaches? It’s his unique mix of experience, knowledge, and of course personality. David looks back at a lifetime of successfully running and growing different businesses in different industries. As a coach and trainer, he’s sincere and authentic. As a SME owner myself, I find his input invaluable for growing my business. 


Claudia Neumeister

CEO, Luxdates, Lux

When I first started out as a young entrepreneur with no experience Davids’ support was invaluable. When you’re starting out you don’t know what you don’t know so it is crucial to find someone who you connect with who can fill the gaps.

James Taylor

James Taylor

Entrepreneur UK

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