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We've got a real passion for what we do and it shows in the quality of our Coaching Programmes, the energy in our Workshops, and the Commitment to the success of everyone we engage with.

With Clients in 34 Countries and offices in the UK and Luxembourg, we've worked with people in businesses as diverse as Martial Arts, Investment Banking, and Recruitment to Manufacturing, Wholesaling, and Night Clubs.

Every Programme and Workshop is designed to suit your specific needs, so whether you are a small company with big ambitions or a large company with a team to inspire - we have a product for you that will enable you to dramatically improve your results.

Finding out how we can help is simple, just send us a message and we'll arrange a time to talk. Most of our client relationships start over a coffee and a notepad somewhere in the world.

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Here's what our Clients have to say...

"David opened my eyes to stop looking at small companies through MBA glasses, but instead focus on the things that small business owners need to do to become wildly successful.  Apart from being a very inspirational and knowledgeable coach, David is also a prolific writer. I like his style; it’s a no-nonsense, results-orientated approach.  Last but not least: When I first engaged with David, my Company was turning over something like £2m, and hardly made a profit. My forecast for this year is £14mand £2mProfit. In short: working with a coach works"

Rob H - Poland

I have been working with David and the RROK team for the past 6 months, and they have helped me achieve more clarity in my work. My main aim was to gain more direction around personal and business goals, which has allowed me to focus my time and energy more effectively. I have more time, and the business has more revenue so it’s working! Running a business can be lonely and stressful, so if you are looking for a trusted co-pilot on your journey David is your man.

Adam - UK

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Grow Your Business

For Business Owners, Executives and their Teams - with a clear focus on achieving the Results you choose with 1:1 and Group Programs designed just for you...

Darren. T - UK

" If somebody would have told me within 2 months of meeting David he would have increased my turnover by 35%, without increasing sales costs, I wouldn’t have believed them.
If he can do this in 2 months what can he achieve in 12 months? What can he achieve for you."

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Train Your Team

Public or In House Workshops in a variety of formats all designed specifically for you and your team... Bite Size, 1/2 Day, Full and Multi Day structure available too

Dave. G - UK

"I attended one our David’s courses yesterday and have to say I came away with so many ideas and concepts.
Almost can’t wait until Monday to get back in the business and start putting our plans in to action.
Great day,
thanks Dave."

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Build Your Knowledge

Audio, Books, Videos and events - from anywhere in the world you can have access to David's knowledge with resources which are engaging, informative and fun...

Nick. H - UK

"I've seen David as keynote speaker at a number of conferences & training days in the past & recently attended one of his training days. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him - he's full of useful advice & presents it in an inspiring & entertaining way. You won't regret booking David Holland..."

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Ukraine Initiative

The World Changed on Thursday 24th February...

Along with everyone, we looked on with a mixture of fear, anxiety, and trepidation as Russian forces invaded Ukraine...

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