No matter how great I say we are – it’s just Marketing - what really counts is what our clients say about us; so, here’s a selection of the feedback we have received from our Business & Executive Coaching Clients and Workshop Participants – Recognise Anyone…?

Thank you for an active and inspiring focus on the importance of certainty to engage and maintain customers and the importance of guarantees. I can guarantee that attending David’s training will add value to your business. Great day. Entertaining and thought provoking...

We will be applying the learning at Kingswood Trust. Hope to see you and Lynn again soon.

Rachel Wells UK - Charity

I met Dave a year ago and attended a few of his trainings, more recently a coaching session which was very helpful to further develop my career. His trainings are fun and personalised to each person attending.

Every training so far has been very insightful and helps me not only at the office but also in my personal life. Dave is a good person to connect and work with; energetic, fun and results driven.

I would recommend Dave to everyone who is looking for further personal development.

Steffi Nishimori Japan - Recruitment

I work with Dave since several years now and I recently participated to a coach session which I really enjoyed. That was an interesting session which helped me to implement new targets – both on a personal and professional level and I have now a clear vision on where I want to go. I would definitely recommend Dave as a Business Coach, he is dynamic, results-driven and I am confident that he can help people to reach their goals.

Sarah Theo France - Recruitment

Hello David,
Your presentation today was excellent and contained great advice, information, and suggestions, thank you very much, kind regards,Tina

Tina Alter Luxembourg – Financial Services

Bonjour Dave,
Finally got to meet you in person and thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop and learned great tips. Good laughs, great examples of starting a business.
Also, started reading your book – thank you…
Oh, and as I already started with the cucumber story before the workshop, just made it a most enjoyable moment.
Wishing you and Lynn a great Sunday…

Josee Lynda Denis USA – Financial Services

We had a very enlightening "Coaching Skills Workshop" session with David. The workshops and exchanges with the team brought new ideas and helped us think of our day to day work life and how to communicate better with our teams. Very insightful. I would definitively recommend David's trainings.

Muriel Newton Luxembourg - Recruitment

As part of Greenfield, I have the chance to regularly work with Dave and had the chance to join various of his workshops.

Each time, I learn new techniques, and structure what I already know in a more efficient way.

I highly recommend David as a coach, regardless your industry, to take the next step in your career.
Quite a character, dynamic, and result oriented; coaching with David is what you are looking for!

Damien Van Bouvelen Luxembourg - Recruitment

Hello David,
It has been a good month. One placement did not go in but this is still the best month of the year, so far...!

In fact, if the last placement is confirmed, we will have overtaken last year’s total sales by the end of July…!

Mark Simpson Luxembourg - Recruitment

David, I would like to thank you for a truly inspirational workshop on 2nd February 2018. I learned a lot and met some very interesting people during the day. My main take away was to believe in oneself and to not undersell what you have to offer to your clients.
I look forward to the next one…!

Amanda O’Brien Luxembourg – Financial Services

David provides a top-notch expertise through compelling coaching programmes and tailored workshops.

Rather than merely displaying and commenting a set of slides, David will build a strong interaction with every attendee with the view to brainstorm, seek their feedback and give some valuable inputs.

Beware: not only David is knowledgeable, but he has an unparalleled and infectious passion which will very much stimulate you!
Warmly recommended at every stage of your project or career, whether you are in Sales/Marketing or not.

Laurent Blondel France - Recruitment

David is the business coach of Greenacre Recruitment & Greenfield Luxembourg, I have attended 2 of David’s workshops and I really enjoy his coaching approach.

I have a lot to take away with me to introduce to my team and the business.

I would recommend David no matter what size company you may have, he is a great coach and has really added value to myself and Greenacre / Greenfield Lux.

Garry Thomas UK - Recruitment

Thank you for an amazing session...!
Truly inspirational and everything else in between & thank you for allowing me to be a part of the session…!

Was fantastic…!

Katiya Nunes UK - Recruitment

Love the Workshop on Friday – got me really focussed on next year…!

Thanks to Dave & Lynn… xx

Wayne Stokes UK – Martial Arts

I attended one our David’s courses yesterday and have to say I came away with so many ideas and concepts. Almost can’t wait until Monday to get back in the business and start putting our plans in to action.
Great day, thanks Dave.

Dave Galvin UK - Accountancy

Hi Dutch,

You are the best and funniest Coach I ever met – Regards from Mexico…

Felipe Vasquez Mexico - Franchising

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support over the last few months. We have both spent years struggling along feeling frustrated and although I can still see a lot of hard work on the horizon I feel like we are actually building something now, and have a plan a direction and an actual team which means we won't have to do everything ourselves! I don't think we would have done it without you…!!

Helen Catterick UK – Martial Arts

Hi David and Lynn,

Thank you very much for coming and providing a great training last week.

We received very good feedback from attendees about the high level of energy, engagement, and positivity during the session. People appreciated the opportunity to reflect on the topic, and have a lot of real-life examples provided through your experiences, making it more ‘real’ than just an academic lesson.

Carole Henry Luxembourg – Financial Services

An excellent workshop with David Holland MBA on Friday on business growth. I took lots of ideas away from it particularly on ‘marginal business gains’. I am not exaggerating to say it was made me rethink my business tactics and business strategy.

As a business coach myself I really appreciate David’s straight forward and engaging style.
I would highly recommend David’s workshops.

Peter Sleigh UK - Accountancy

Thank you very much for the excellent training session we all followed with such interest yesterday evening; you succeeded in giving us many insights into the differences between a manager and a leader and once again you encouraged us to broaden our horizons and never stop learning…!

Jane Barton Luxembourg - Consultancy

Just had the two days training about presentation skills together with some colleagues. The course was very useful for our job and the organization was perfectly combining theory and practice.
Super recommended.

Daniele Ziranu Luxembourg - Manufacturing

Working with Dave on a few different fronts has been eye opening - when I realised that those trying to be at the top of their sports use coaches it clicked, and Dave is my kind of coach.

I'd recommend him to all but don't want to lose him…!

Ben Herbert UK - Accountancy

Having worked with Dave, his coaching has been a great rewarding experience.

Dave succeeds in getting the balance, between providing support to build confidence and cajole to keep momentum going, just right.

Always comes up with new insightful ideas, listens, interprets and puts things into perspective

Scott Humphries UK - Wholesaler

If somebody would have told me within 2 months of meeting David he would have increased my turnover by 35%, without increasing sales costs, I wouldn’t have believed them.
If he can do this in 2 months what can he achieve in 12 months? What can he achieve for you.

Darren Taylor UK – Sign making

Working in the family business established since 1950, I was intrigued to see what this kind of workshop could do for our company. Not only was David informative and inspirational, the interaction with the other guests was fantastic.
I had a great day. An eye opener for me. It’s time for change!
A big thanks to David and Lynn.

Lee Bold UK - Engineering

He's awesome, always was - always will be! I've known David since about 2003 and since then David has been my coach - always on hand with the most practical and results driven advice and guidance! If you haven't met with David you should, if he invites you to connect you should, if you get the chance to go to one of his growth workshops... you guessed it - you should! He's also down to earth, friendly, warm and caring - in fact the whole RROK team are - you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Wayne Flynn UK - Marketing

David is a brilliant Business Coach...

Dutch is a real character and business wise, he always remains results oriented. Highly creative and positive, Dave always have a solution for every problem.

In top of that, despite the huge experience he had before, I mean, an international and successful career (still on going) and a crazy life, Dave is humble and will always listen to each point of view.

If you are looking to go to the next level and you need a spark, David is exactly what you are looking for!
I recommend Dave with no hesitation!

Stephane Brun France - Coaching

David is a rare pearl in the world of today - he has a human approach to life's problems - he tells it how it is and gives you the toolkit to move forwards and to seek your own solutions. He genuinely cares about the people he works with. Working with him and his team has been an extremely positive experience.

Nicola O’Neill Luxembourg – Financial Services

David Holland (aka Dutch) is the best coach I've ever worked with. Not only did he help train me in coaching but he walked with me during the most difficult period in my professional career and helped me get back up after I had been knocked down. I will always love this man and my only complaint is he no longer lives in the U.S.

Josh McGinnis USA - Coaching

Attended another amazing seminar on Friday with David. I have attended over half a dozen of these.
To say the way he puts his message across is unique is an understatement.
His passion for helping is clear, and gels with me and many others in attendance.

I will be having David as a mentor, coach, and friend for many years to come. Highly recommended.

Richard Canton UK – Martial Arts

On behalf of Kingswood Trust I attended a brilliant business course run by David Holland on Friday 26th January delivered at the Trust. David's thorough knowledge of successful business growth gave me some excellent and practical steps to follow for how to work towards making Kingswood Trust sustainable. Not only that, the course was, lively, enjoyable and David quickly found ways of getting those around the table to find ways of supporting each other too.
I can highly recommend David, he inspires confidence in all those he coaches to reach their ambitions.

Helen Heywood UK - Charity

Hey Dutch…!

I know you as one of the top Business and Executive Coaches in the World; so thank you for your perspectives…

I have known you for over 10 years, you have trained hundreds of Coaches and I have been honoured to train alongside you on occasion…
In my book, you are a Master Business and Executive Coach – at least twice over…

Lee Huffman USA - Franchising

Well Dave – we’ve done it…!!

Below email is what I sent to the staff – it’s the 46% bit that takes my breath…!

Thanks for all your help and support…


It’s true, it’s time to celebrate, we have, for the first time ever broken through the £1’000’000 turnover in one-month barrier!!!

In May we have invoiced £1,011,933.42…!! Yahooooooo…!

Well done, this is yours and your team’s effort, take a minute to congratulate your colleagues and take a pat on the back….

This makes us approximately 46% up YTD on this time last year – that is phenomenal…!!!

Well done, thank you, you are the best team in the world…!

Onward and upward…

Dan Gilmore UK - Manufacturer

You never know when you gonna’ meet people that inspire you.
David is one of those people who have the energy and confidence that is just contagious.

Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Katy Dyzewska Romania – Training

I got to know David for the first time when I attended a creativity & innovation training. I was impressed by his capabilities to combine the theory with real life examples which made the topic easy to grasp and memorable.

At that point in time I didn’t know that a couple of years later David will reintroduce himself as my coach. David is very result oriented and he has the talent to bring out the best in you. He is a motivator, well connected and curious like a child.
Despite all his expertise David is taking the world and himself not too seriously and when talking to him you can always expect a portion of nice (British) humour. A coaching session with David is like a motorbike trip that starts at a foggy morning alongside the Thames with fuzzy sight and ends in the afternoon in sunny Brighton with excellent visibility.

Dirk Sanden Luxembourg – Financial Services

I have had the pleasure to work with David over the past 6 months and he is truly an asset to anyone looking to grow and develop themselves, whether that be on a personal or professional basis.

David has a vast catalogue of coaching expertise and a very diverse client list. This adds up to him adding value to any conversation and tell humorous, personal anecdotes along the way.

David's gentle, personable demeanour belies his continuous drive for results and he is always on hand to make sure you follow through on what you've agreed to do.
I have loved working with David; my new business would not be where it is today were it not for his guidance and continued support. Thank you, David…!

Allison Langley Butnick UK - Coaching

David was a keynote speaker at a business development seminar we staged in November. He was fun to listen to and inspirational. I listened to David intensely when he spoke about systemising your business and decided it was time to do just that.
It has been so successful that I now work half as many hours than I used to and my company Business over Breakfast has virtually doubled in 7 months. Because we followed David’s advice I am now about to Franchise my company around the World.

DON’T talk to David if you want him to tell you what you want to hear!
DO talk to David if you want to be VERY successful and get your life back.

My wife sends David her thanks as well - as we now have more time together than ever before…!

Geoff Cox UK - Franchising

I have worked with David as my coach for nearly 12 months now. The coaching is invaluable if you are serious about developing your skill to run a profitable and sustainable business. We have achieved some great successes working together and we are currently planning the next growth stage. I get a real buzz brainstorming with David, and he keeps me focused on what needs to be achieved.

Steve Di Piazza UK – Recruitment

I attended one of David's Sales & Negotiation workshops the other week and was incredibly impressed with the content covered, the way in which he delivered the seminar and the fact he had such a personable approach. The workshop was extremely informative, and I definitely took away several useful tips & tricks to apply in my line of work. The people you meet are great there too! It was a fantastic day out! I highly recommend anyone of any level/stage in their career to attend David's workshops. I certainly will be in the future.

Toby Bliss UK - Recruitment

It’s rare that you come across standout talent and humorous person like David.

I've had the pleasure to meet David at one of his workshops in Luxembourg. His humorous way of being and kind-hearted personality, caught my attention. I was astonished to realise: actually, there are nice British people around!

So, I took a second workshop...
His way of explaining and clarifying topics around sales, business growth and human psychology is very practical and founded. I could really feel he speaks from his own experience!


Mino Savino Luxembourg - Insurance

One of the major benefits of Working with David is to tackle old business challenges with a uniquely fresh approach. It’s an ‘eye opening’ experience. It has helped us to significantly improve our marketing strategy.

Donald Marshall UK – Retail Support

David knows how to talk with passion and enthusiasm.
He is authentic, full of ideas and you can feel his knowledge.
The workshop with David was very useful for me.

I would definitely repeat it.

Jerome Zimmer Luxembourg - Hypnotherapy

It was a great day, it's good to meet like-minded people in a warm atmosphere. I left with a lot of food for thoughts and I liked that we could ask all our questions and concerns to David, he made sure we all left with answers, things to plan and actions to take.

Malika Remili Luxembourg - Coaching

I've seen David as keynote speaker at a number of conferences & training days in the past & recently attended one of his training days. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him - he's full of useful advice & presents it in an inspiring & entertaining way. You won't regret booking David Holland.

Nick Heath UK – Driver Training

Dave has also been invaluable in helping us to get things done that have been sat on the back shelf for the past 7 years, things we know needed doing but we always managed to find excuses of why not to do them. The fact of the matter is Dave has given us a goal and although he is laid back and friendly we know when he gives us a task to do it has to be done, not for him but for us and the company. Like most people in business we thought we didn’t need a coach and although Dave is not really telling us something we didn’t already know he has helped us implement these things, such as the web site and he has been a great help in getting new staff recruited as we could never get the right people, we are now well on our way to building a team that will move the business to another level.

We feel Dave is so good at what he does we have recommended him to a few friends of ours who are also in business and like us have the attitude why do I need a coach, and until you meet Dave and sign him up their businesses will be like ours was 3 months ago, stuck in a rut and a chore to wake up in the morning and carry on. Dave has given us a purpose again and that purpose is to make money and have time to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Chris & Jan Lane UK - Jewellery

Before the Coaching I had no one to share my worries or ideas with. Its great to brainstorm with someone who is like minded. The coaching gives me focus enabling me to implement strategies to plan for the future.

I would recommend working with David to anyone, as he is able to be both Coach and Consultant when needed.

David Graesser UK – IT Services

I participated to my first workshop with David and I found it to be extremely valuable. I received meaningful information that I could act upon right away. He has encouraged us to be more aware of other perspectives, to set up goals and not be afraid to open doors. He also shared his experience in a fun and entertaining way.

Stephane Compain Luxembourg - Relocations

Thank you, David, for the great seminar.

Unfortunately, the teachers in school are not half as good as you are, the children would learn much more and have more fun in going to school. If you can go to a workshop, just do it: it is worth time and money. 👍👍👍 Three thumbs up.

Jean-Claude Krieger Luxembourg - Accountancy

Great workshop, very interesting content, cats and dogs allowed (only in workshop subjects), many ideas to use in your daily business.
If you can attend a workshop, don't hesitate!

Thierry Leysen Luxembourg – Passenger Transport

I have the chance to work on a regular basis with David, attend training and workshops. We exchange knowledge and I always learn new things and skills. David is a passionate coach, his ideas and advice will push you or your company to the next level, I definitely recommend his service.

Nicolas Tassin Luxembourg - Recruitment

In my role as Sales Manager at Contour Heating I am always looking for ideas, thoughts and inspiration to enable me to beat my targets…

Having been to many David’s workshops, worked with him personally and read some of his books I have been able to consistently beat my Sales Target, build long term relationships with clients and deliver a great service too...

This month alone I am 135% ahead of target and there are still two weeks to go; if you want to learn how to be more successful I recommend you contact him for Coaching, Training or Key Note Speaking…

Richard Holland UK - Construction

Attended a business coaching day with David unaware of what to expect.

Right from the start David’s enthusiasm to help you improve your business and attention to detail was evident and the day was an eye opener and one I took plenty from. Looking forward to attending another coaching day with David in the near future…!

Chris Worsley UK – Property

I really recommend David's workshops, very helpful to grow your business and we can already see some results in my company since we have started to use his strategies 2 months ago.

Plus David is a fantastic person and you will have a lot of fun. Thank you, David.

Sebastien Tassart France - Packaging

I have known David for some years now and have attended a few of his workshops - it still amazes me how he is capable of delivering every single time! David's workshops are never boring or repetitive but always insightful and fun - I consider my time at these workshops an incredibly valuable use of my time, not just for what I learn from David but also from the people I meet at these events. The atmosphere is always one of excitement for the future and continued professional and personal growth - being surrounded by people like that (and David) for a few hours/days, is inspiring.

Sofia Lezcano Kaiser Luxembourg - Events

Many Many thanks !!!

I learned more and more skills useful on business and also in my life, I'm very happy to follow and interact in your workshop! 🙂

You are a Great Person and at first contact was a really good feel!


Massimo Marabese Italy - Manufacturing

David, I would like to say thanks for a truly inspirational workshop held in Milan.

I learned interesting concepts from you, practice and team building has been well arranged by you.

I look forward to the next one…!

Raffaele Fabiani Italy - Manufacturing

David has been an incredible coach for the 2 days training classes regarding 'Public Presentations'.
I amused the purposes of the training and the way David used to transmit them.

Hope to have in the future other chances to meet David and attend one of his other courses.

Nicola Incampo Italy - Manufacturing

Good afternoon David,

I would like to say a huge thank you for your workshop on Sunday.

My instructors loved it and came away with new ideas and were totally enthused.

Nicola and I thought it was pitched perfectly for them and evoked lots of positive discussion afterwards.

You were Brilliant…!

Thanks again

Jake and Nicola Ogden UK – Martial Arts

David is an excellent public speaker and I was pleased to have the opportunity to learn from him to improve my presentation skills.
The 1 day course was interesting, engaging & full of real-world, practical advice and

Joe Marshall UK - Franchising