Coaching Programmes

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Business Coaching…

Is a Programme of Goal Setting, Planning, Strategic and Tactical choices combined with Personal and Professional Development ; all designed to enable you to build your business, have the lifestyle you want and have fun doing it…

Since 2002 we have worked with clients all over the world in a variety of sectors from Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution to Martial Arts, Recruitment and Professional Services. Over the years we’ve developed and refined our Programmes so that regardless of what size or sector your business is in we have a Programme to suit your needs and aspirations, which means that…

Whether you are an established business that wants to grow, build your team and get your freedom back, a busy Executive working within a business, or your just starting out – check out our range of services, get in touch and see where it leads.

The people who describe what it’s like to work with us best, are our clients – so here’s what one of our UK based clients has to say…

Coaching really has been transformative to both my thinking and my life.
Honestly. At the start of the coaching, even though I felt that I had a half decent business, I was still intrinsically tied to sales, marketing, management, and lots of other functions.
Through the coaching, we’ve built a proper management team, a strong board of directors, and my thinking has elevated to a different level. Not only that, but my life has changed too. Rather than being tied to functions, I realised everything I do is now “quadrant 2” – important but not urgent.
I don’t speak to clients, I don’t manage a team, I don’t have anyone to answer to – I could be classed as retired if I wanted to be, but actually I now choose to work when I do. I can follow my passion rather than other people’s passions. Focusing on “thousand-pound moments”, rather than hours for a few hundred quid billing rates.
If any of you want to know more, give Dave a shout. I don’t even get a kickback…”

Carl Reader UK – Accountancy

So How Does It Work…?

The first step is to understand where you want to go – what are your objectives, goals and dreams both personally and professionally.

Then, based on where you are starting from we’ll put a Strategic & Tactical Plan together, and working towards 12 month Targets through a series of 90 Day  Sprints, together we’ll get underway.

You’ll be working ON your business, learning and implementing new ideas, skill and strategies – all the time your business and lifestyle will be growing and developing.

The Coaching is generally built around either Weekly or Fortnightly Coaching sessions – either F2F or via Video or Telephone, with full email support and access to all the resources of Results Rules OK.

Included in your Programme will be regular Planning and Client Workshops, held in the UK and Luxembourg.

What can I expect…?

Coaching is generally quite painless and there are no injections or gas & air involved – providing you do what your Coach shows you of course…

There are Three main Aspects to your Coaching Programme with your Results Rule OK Coach…

  1. Transactional – working in proven business strategies and tactics to get your business ahead. You’ll have access to the Books, Videos, Templates and Workshops designed and written by us.
  2. Transformative – working with you and your Team on their Vision, Mindset and Knowledge. Your business is a reflection of you; as are your results and lifestyle, so your development is all part of the growth.
  3. Accountability – your Coach is accountable to you for delivering the very best Programme for you and Clients are accountable to them for progress, pace and completion.



“He’s awesome, always was – always will be!

I’ve known David since about 2003 and since then David has been my coach – always on hand with the most practical and results driven advice and guidance! If you haven’t met with David you should, if he invites you to connect you should, if you get the chance to go to one of his growth workshops… you guessed it – you should!

He’s also down to earth, friendly, warm and caring – in fact the whole RROK team are – you have nothing to lose but everything to gain…!”

Wayne Flynn UK – Marketing

“Let me tell you a brief story. Sometime ago I had the great fortune to meet David Holland….

David opened my eyes to stop looking at small companies through MBA glasses, but instead focus on the things that small business owners need to do to become wildly successful. It’s David who introduced me to the literature that I’m now sharing with you…

Apart from being a very inspirational and knowledgeable coach, David is also a prolific writer. I like his style; it’s a no-nonsense, results-orientated approach. I suggest you link to him on LinkedIn, and follow him! I’ve enclosed a couple of articles that he recently sent me, to highlight what I’ve written above.

Last but not least: When I first engaged with David, my Company was turning over something like £2m, and hardly made a profit. My forecast for this year is £14m, and £2m profit. In short: working with a coach works…”

Rob Helle Poland – IT Services


“David Holland (aka Dutch) is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. Not only did he help train me in coaching but he walked with me during the most difficult period in my professional career and helped me get back up after I had been knocked down. I will always love this man and my only complaint is he no longer lives in the U.S…”

Josh McGinnis USA – Coaching


What Programmes do You Deliver…?

There are Three core types of Programme; the choice depends on you, your business and what you want to achieve.

1. Business Coaching…

Programmes designed for Business Owners and their Teams, there three levels of involvement to consider;

Kick Starter Programme – For the smaller business up to around £250k.

You’ve probably been in business for a while, got some good results and would like to break through and develop your Sales, Team and Profitability. You are ready for some help, and someone to use as a sounding-board.

Results Programme – For mid size companies up to £3m.

You’ve got a Team, business is good, and yet you still seem to be working long hours and your not making the money you should be. Together we’ll build your business so you enjoy the ride, make more money and still have weekends off.

Growth Programme for larger organisations with big ambitions

Business is good, and you’d like to prepare for expansion to multiple sites, grow through acquisition or franchising – or work on that succession plan and perhaps get the business ready for sale.
I’ll work with you and your Team, developing them in line with the strategy to deliver great results

2. Executive Coaching..

For Managers and Executives who are either new to a role, looking to progress and become opportunity ready, or just develop their skills.

We focus on the development of skills including Leadership, Communication, EQ and include materials, books and resources.

Programmes can be designed around the needs of specific individuals and we also have a range of Team Development Programmes available where we work with groups and teams too.

We offer full 360 Degree appraisals, psychometric profiling, Constellation Coaching as part of our work with Executives – these Programmes are delivered on an agreed fixed term basis.

3. Results CLUB

A Group based Coaching Programme based around the principles of one of David’s best selling books – Your Business RULES OK.

Each month we’ll be working through a particular concept, looking at how the principles can be applied to your business and leaving with an agreed action plan for implementation and there’ll be a mid month accountability webinar for everyone to keep everything on track.

Each Quarter, you’ll be invited to join other clients and participants at our regular themed Planning Workshops, where you’ll review and refresh you 90 Day Sprints.

This Programme is structured around monthly Group Sessions and Workshops, limited to 16 people and runs over a 12 month period.

How do I find out more…?

Simple, just get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to talk. Most of our client relationships start over a coffee and chat, or following a Workshop or Seminar.

The first meeting is completely free and without any obligation – if we both believe there is value in working together, then I will design a Programme just for you and, providing we have availability, we’ll get started.

There are no long term contracts so you are not signing your life away – we have clients who have been with us of a number of years –  but the relationships are built on trust, value and of course Results…

Book your Strategy Session here…


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