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The 2021 Business Planning Workshop…

You know how 2020 was a shock to the system – Personally and Professionally…?

For many people, this has been a time of self-reflection and changing priorities. Taking more time to live, travel, learn, and create more balanced lifestyles has become a priority.
For Business Owners, the opportunity is to build their business so it supports them, not the other way round. This workshop is designed to enable you to take control of your lifestyle by designing your business to give you financial rewards but also, time, fun, and lifestyle rewards too.

It’s time to reflect, evaluate, and plan ahead for 2021 to make sure we adapt and capitalise on the opportunities that are available…

Too many people are Tactic Rich but Strategy Poor and in these times of Change, Uncertainty and Opportunity – we need to go back to basics and evaluate what our business Should and Could look like in order to thrive in the new environment. Making Strategic choices now will make the future more Predictable, Profitable, and Productive…

It’s time to stop chasing Tactics and get Strategic…

This Workshop, delivered by David Holland will be delivered via ZOOM, over three Two Hour Sessions during consecutive weeks in November and give you and your team the opportunity to consider the following;
  1. Evaluating your SWOT scorecard…

  2. What is Your Business Success Strategy…?

  3. What changes need to be made…?

  4. Your 2021 Vision and Key Objectives…

  5. Quarterly 90 Day Sprints to achieve them…

David looks back at a lifetime of successfully running and growing different businesses in different industries. As a coach and trainer, he’s sincere and authentic. The training sessions he runs are well-structured, well-researched, client-centric, and engaging. As a SME owner myself, I find his input invaluable for growing my business. I highly recommend working with David.
Claudia Neumeister Germany – Creating Power Couples

Based on David’s extensive experience of working with his team of international clients in sectors ranging from Accountancy to Recruitment, Franchising to Martial Arts, the content will be contemporary and practical, you’ll leave with a range of strategies and tactics you can implement in your business to ensure 2021 is not just a rebound year, but a year of growth and prosperity…
A full set of templates and workbooks will be available to all participants as well as access to the video recording of the workshop and a copy of the associated slide deck – plus you’ll be sharing your ideas, challenges, and experiences with an international group of Business Owners…

I attended one of our David’s courses yesterday and have to say I came away with so many ideas and concepts. Almost can’t wait until Monday to get back in the business and start putting our plans into action.
Great day, thanks, Dave.
Dave Galvin UK – Accountancy

Key Objectives of the Workshop

  1. Review and clarity around your business strategy for 2021 and beyond…

  2. Setting the Long Term objectives…

  3. Defining Tactical choices and timelines for achievement…

  4. Quarterly Plans and 90 Day Sprints for the year ahead…

  5. A robust roadmap for 2021, personally and professionally…

When is the Workshop…?

  1. Thursday 5th November – 14.00 to 16.00 Paris Time
  2. Thursday 12th November – 14.00 to 16.00 Paris Time
  3. Thursday 19th November – 14.00 to 16.00 Paris Time

Where is the Workshop…?

Will be delivered via ZOOM

What does it cost…?

£300.00 – bring a colleague for just £150.00 + VAT

How to Register…?

Simply click below and follow the instructions, alternatively, email me directly at my personal address – davidholland@resultsrulesok.com


Nov 05 2020 - Nov 19 2020


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


300.00 + VAT


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