Kingswood Trust Charity Fundraiser…

Over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of June 2019 – RROK have put a team together to participate in the “Monte Carlo or Bust” Charity Rally…

We’ll be starting in Namur in Belgium, driving through France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and on to Monaco – along with dozens of other participants in “interesting” vehicles – a total distance of around 1200 km.

Day Zero: Thursday – Namur, Belgium

Day One: Friday – Namur to Freiburg

Day Two: Saturday – Freiburg to Lake Como

Day Three: Sunday – Lake Como to Monte Carlo

As part of the fun, we’d like to raise some money for our sponsored Charity – The Kingswood Trust and so we are selling stickers that will be placed on the side of our vehicle – our trusty Ford Expedition…

The Kingswood Trust is run by our favourite Charity Manager – Rachel Wells; along with her team they do an amazing job of providing Outdoor Learning Experiences for children from inner cities…

The Kingswood Trust is a place where history comes alive with old buildings, air-raid shelters, historical features, and artefacts. Outdoor learning takes place in our woodland and natural habitats, pond areas, bird hide, climbing trees, adventure ropes, forest school base camps and gardening areas.

Opportunities to meet our sheep, ducks and chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and tortoises are a favourite with all our visitors. Our team building programme offers essential skills activities for personal growth.

The Stickers cost from €25.00 each and for that, we’ll write your name and company details on the sticker for everyone to see, take lots of photo’s and spread the word about you and your business all over Social Media, and a lot of Europe too – plus you’ll be contributing to a great cause…

Whilst we can’t promise anything – past contributors have told us that bunnies will wave at you from the roadside, women will swoon, men will serenade your balcony; you may get an OBE or an MBE – all as a direct consequence of having your sticker attached to such a vehicle.

Additional benefits include;
  1. People will say nice things about you, and you’ll be instantly more attractive.
  2. You will definitely get into heaven as a consequence of buying a ticket.
  3. New clients will (maybe) come flooding to your door.
  4. You can say “as seen in Monaco” on all your Marketing.
  5. It’s tax efficient.
  6. People will probably ask for your autograph.

We’ll be doing live updates during the trip, sharing progress and giving mentions and shameless plugs to all our lovely sponsors.

So what we’d like you to do is click on the button – buy a “ticket” and we’ll produce your lovely sticker and place it on the side of the Truck for the World to see…

There are THREE levels of participation;
  1. Gold Sponsorship – €100.00 + Vat

    A5 Size Sticker, Your Logo, Photo, Name, Company, and Website…

  2. Silver Sponsorship – €50.00 + Vat

    A6 Sticker, Your Logo, Name, Company, and Website

  3. Bronze Sponsorship – €25.00 + Vat

    A7 Sticker, Your Name, Company, and Website.

All Stickers will be printed onto waterproof labels and placed on the rear side windows, or side body panels of the Truck – sizes are approximate…

Thanks for your help and support – really appreciated…


May 30 2019 - Jun 03 2019


5:00 PM - 10:00 AM


From €25.00 + vat




Results Rules OK
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